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    • When you share forum topics or forum posts on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter will use our default social share image or alternate social share image which doesn’t work well as representation of specific forum discussions.

      Forum Topic Attachment

      We have implemented a new feature which lets you use the first image uploaded as an attachment in a topic and set it as Open Graph image ("og:image"), so social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ can use it as a thumbnail image to represent the link. 

      This feature only adds the attachment image to the source code so that social media services can pick it up. Please note that there is no guarantee that the attachment will not instantly show up as social media websites do not scrape content automatically. 

      Facebook Sharing Debugger

      Facebook caches the images and loads them asynchronously which means that when you share an URL for the first time, the image might not show instantly. If you want to test what Facebook is picking up, go to https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/sharing/ and re-scrape the URL.

      If you don’t see an image for your topic URL or it is an outdated one, click “Scrape again” until it displays correct image.
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    • Introduce yourself to the community and start making friends!

      Click here to create a new introduction topic. Include as much information as possible without revealing any personally identifiable information (PII).

      If you already introduced yourself, then please welcome new members to the site. Thanks! ?
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    • Tagging and prefixing content is a quick and easy way to categorize and highlight the content within our site. Users can then use these to filter by similar tags or prefixes quickly.


      Tagging when creating content can be done by entering comma separated values into the tag box. Once you have done this you can choose one of these items to be a title prefix should you wish to do so, as seen below.

      Once you add your tags, they can be seen within the topic list or indeed on the item of the content itself. Clicking on any of these will search for other material with the same tag or prefix. You are required to input a minimum of three tags which will help with content discovery.

      I hope you find this article helpful!
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    • Welcome to the all-new Resident Evil Fanboy community!

      There's nothing sweeter than a fresh new forum, ready to welcome you into our community. Our new site has a new forum, host and SSL support.

      We hope you find our website interesting. Have a great time!

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