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  2. nelson

    Silent Hill

    Silent Hill 2 for me. It was my first SH game.
  3. Remember the game called Resident Evil Survivor? It's the 4th installment of the RE series you play as Ark Thompson who lost his memory.
  4. rob

    Silent Hill

    I've told myself I would never play a Silent Hill game again, but then again - continuing the story would be nice.
  5. shimbo

    Silent Hill

    My first Silent Hill game was Silent Hill 2. I fell in love with Heather. 🙃
  6. I sure did! What a mistake that was. 😅
  7. QOTD: Who made the mistake of pressing the last picture in the gallery room on Resident Evil?
  8. rob

    Silent Hill

    This is in response to raccooncitynews via twitter asking about Silent Hill and which is your favorite: Silent Hill 1 is a game that is close to my heart, just like Resident Evil: it's one of those games that I had the task of completing because after my father passed in 2006, he had never beaten Silent Hill 1 or the continuation of the Resident Evil series (after RE2). I took it upon myself to complete his legacy and finish the only Silent Hill game he never completed. I also was tasked with carrying on his Resident Evil legacy after he passed. I'm proud to be his son who had continued the two best survival horror games of the 90s. Thank you. -Robert Niko (@RJ_Niko7 on twitter)
  9. I really enjoyed RE2 


  10. What do you guys expect from Resident Evil 3 if they do remake ?

    1. shimbo


      I think Capcom will follow Resident Evil 2's formula. The RE2 remake was a remake done right!

    2. rob


      Probably Brain Drainers blantantly scarin ya and nemesis himself.

  11. Nintendo 64 owners have reason to be scared as Resident Evil 2 sinks its teeth into the system. With a high graphic violence quotient and chilling zombie horror reminiscent of Night of the Living Dead, Resident Evil 2 is not for the faint of heart. Rather, it is for the survival-horror enthusiast with a taste for action and blood. The game puts you in the role of either Leon S. Kennedy, an idealistic rookie cop, or Claire Redfield, a modern (i.e., wild, self-confident, and intelligent) woman of adventure, who is in search of her brother, Chris. Both characters are unleashed into the heart of Raccoon City, a formerly peaceful mid-western town that is now surrounded on all sides by evil mutants and zombies. Resident Evil 2 is divided into several segments. You'll begin your exploratory zombie-killing adventure on the city streets. From there you'll enter a massive police station, maneuver through a vast network of dark and dangerous (not to mention smelly) sewers, finally ending up at zombie central, the Umbrella Laboratory on the outskirts of town. You will find grenade launchers, shotguns, pistols, high-powered Uzis, crossbows and other weapons for use in battling the various zombies and bosses. Corpses, drawers, lockers, and other areas are searchable for ammo and other useful items. In addition to all the mutant mayhem, Resident Evil 2 is replete with puzzles you must solve. You'll push items, inspect objects, talk to characters, unlock doorways, decipher notes and messages and perform various other feats of mental daring do. A mapping system is provided so you can keep track of where you have been and where you need to go. After you complete your mission with one character, you can play the game again as the other character, this time with different game paths and alternate endings. Situations that you encountered the first time through have a bearing on what will happen the next time you play. There are specially hidden modes as well, in which you can play the 4th survivor or as the hidden character, Tofu. Before starting the game, you'll need to decide what color of blood you prefer: green, blue or red. Also, you are given two difficulty levels to choose from (easy or normal) and three levels of graphic violence: low, middle or high. The first Resident Evil, which never actually made it to the Nintendo 64, was much more limited than this game in terms of areas to explore. Whereas the first game is set in a haunted house, Resident Evil 2 takes place in many locations throughout Racoon City. And while the puzzles are more puzzling in Resident Evil, there are more weapons and smarter zombies in this sequel. The backgrounds in Resident Evil 2 are also highly detailed, extremely well rendered and match the foreground objects and items better than those in the original game. Resident Evil 2 is not necessarily a better game than Resident Evil, but it is just as good (although nowhere near as innovative). How does this port stack up against the PlayStation version? Exceptionally well, especially because the PlayStation game spans two CD-ROMs and the Nintendo 64 version is on a single cartridge. The controls aren't quite as sharp in this game, but the full motion video (FMV) sequences are intact, the bonus Hunk and Tofu missions survived, and the Expansion Pak-enhanced graphics are fantastic. Resident Evil 2 is a great game, whether you play it on the Nintendo 64 or the PlayStation. It's scary, exciting, challenging and rewarding (in a good horror film kind of way). It won't take you forever to beat as would a Donkey Kong 64 or a The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but if you are interested in playing through as both lead characters, the game does offer a fair amount of replay value. ~ Brett Weiss Copyright © Resident Evil Fanboy. All rights reserved.
  12. Sad news...


    1. shimbo


      You almost got me! 😅

  13. Ah, good times! This logo gives me so many memories!
  14. I tend to wait a few months after the release of a major title before playing it. I like to wait a couple of weeks or months for a few performance updates to roll out before getting my game on to get the best possible experience. Online multiplayer games like Battlefield and The Division series need a lot of tweaking after launch. Single player games like Resident Evil have fewer bugs after release, but sometimes they may leak through the cracks and ruin the immersive experience.
  15. Welcome to Resident Evil Fanboy. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    1. shimbo


      Hmmm. This account seems a bit... fishy.

  16. refb

    Welcome to Resident Evil Fanboy. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  17. I second this as well. Resident Evil 2: DualShock Ver. introduced me to the beautiful world of survival horror. I enjoy playing it. I thought the pre-rendered graphics were terrific. After all these years I still enjoy playing it. I still have the PlayStation game, but I mostly play it on an emulator on my Mac. I take it Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is yours, @Stephanie?
  18. I have to go with the Resident Evil 2: DualShock Ver. for the PlayStation. It is a game I still enjoy playing to this day!
  19. I just updated the homepage! The new landing page which highlights content from the entire site. 🙂

    1. shimbo


      Very nice update. I like it!

  20. Brainstorming ideas. 🧐

    1. shimbo


      What do you have in mind?Â đŸ€”

  21. Ready to be shocked? I haven't played it yet. "Why?!" You may have asked shockingly. Well, it is simple actually. I want to start streaming gameplay on our YouTube channel. I want to play the entire Resident Evil series in chronological order, and I want my reactions to the Resident Evil 2 remake to be genuine. Sure, I am tempted to play it, but I am testing my will power and restraining myself from doing so. I did buy pre-order the game, and I did play the One-Shot Demo.
  22. I personally enjoyed it Capcom did an amazing job on it
  23. I think it is a great remake! Capcom did a fantastic job updating Resident Evil 2 for current generation systems. For many of us, Resident Evil 2 was our first introduction to the series. I am pleased with the end product. What about you?
  24. Some of my Resident Evil books that I currently own 


    1. shimbo


      I love it! You have a great collection, @Stephanie! I see you have the official strategy guide for Resident Evil Outbreak by Bradygames. Fun fact: @nelson and I met while playing Resident Evil Outbreak back in 2004. Ah, good times!

    2. nelson


      Good times indeed! I also have those two Resident Evil Outbreak guides. Those are the only two Resident Evil guides I have. Cute pillow, by the way!

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