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This is in response to raccooncitynews via twitter asking about Silent Hill and which is your favorite:

Silent Hill 1 is a game that is close to my heart, just like Resident Evil: it's one of those games that I had the task of completing because after my father passed in 2006, he had never beaten Silent Hill 1 or the continuation of the Resident Evil series (after RE2). 

I took it upon myself to complete his legacy and finish the only Silent Hill game he never completed. I also was tasked with carrying on his Resident Evil legacy after he passed. I'm proud to be his son who had continued the two best survival horror games of the 90s. 

Thank you.

-Robert Niko (@RJ_Niko7 on twitter)


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Added Silent Hill screenshot for Open Graph purposes.
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I've told myself I would never play a Silent Hill game again, but then again - continuing the story would be nice.

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