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Hello, everyone! Welcome to the Members Club! Every user that joins our community joins this club by default. Use this club forum to discuss anything related to your membership.

Members can leave the Members clubs at any time but why would someone do that? 🤔

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The official Resident Evil Fanboy admin account. Not a real person!

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    • By shimbo
      Hello, everybody! Our website seems to be ready for the masses! We need to get the ball rolling and start inviting members. We can easily do this by sharing our URL in your favorite social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. However, we prefer you use our invitation system.
      Let's get personal!
      Click on the ticket icon on the top right corner to send invitations to people you know. I recommend you send these invitations to people who are into the Resident Evil series as we want an active community and not just numbers.
      What do you say? Let's do this!
      I challenge all of you to invite at least one person every month! Help us grow this community! Visit and start inviting your friends! 🙂