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  1. This is my favorite outfit for Claire, too bad it wasn't on the remake I was hoping to see make a return
  2. Jill Valentine was a former thief after learning all the tricks and trades from her dad, Dick Valentine, who is serving time in prison for Grand Larceny. Dick convinced Jill to turn her life around, so she joined the Delta Force.
  3. Remember the game called Resident Evil Survivor? It's the 4th installment of the RE series you play as Ark Thompson who lost his memory.
  4. QOTD: Who made the mistake of pressing the last picture in the gallery room on Resident Evil?
  5. I really enjoyed RE2 


  6. What do you guys expect from Resident Evil 3 if they do remake ?

    1. shimbo


      I think Capcom will follow Resident Evil 2's formula. The RE2 remake was a remake done right!

    2. rob


      Probably Brain Drainers blantantly scarin ya and nemesis himself.

  7. I personally enjoyed it Capcom did an amazing job on it
  8. Some of my Resident Evil books that I currently own 


    1. shimbo


      I love it! You have a great collection, @Stephanie! I see you have the official strategy guide for Resident Evil Outbreak by Bradygames. Fun fact: @nelson and I met while playing Resident Evil Outbreak back in 2004. Ah, good times!

    2. nelson


      Good times indeed! I also have those two Resident Evil Outbreak guides. Those are the only two Resident Evil guides I have. Cute pillow, by the way!

  9. What are your thoughts or opinions on Resident Evil 2 remake?
  10. Welcome to Resident Evil Fanboy. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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    2. Stephanie


      Me and Nelson follow each other on Twitter 

    3. shimbo


      Nice! Follow me as well! 😅@shimbosuzuki

    4. nelson


      Actually, @Stephanie is following Resident Evil Fanboy (@raccooncitynews ). My Twitter account is @blueracer66☺️

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