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  1. Lady Dimitrescu received a very positive reception from critics and players following her initial reveal in a promotional trailer for Resident Evil Village, which debuted in 2020. Unlike Resident Evil 5's British-Italian businesswoman Excella Gionne, Lady D embodies sensual elegance. She is the classic femme fatale who most of us, Resident Evil fans, fell in love with and can't get enough of her! I want to see more of Lady Dimitrescu! And I don't mean what under her dress, you perverts. What about you? What do you think about Lady D? Would you like to see more of her? Let me know in a comment!
  2. shimbo

    The Lone Wolf

    Welcome back! As always, I'm here to help. Let's get the ball rolling! 🤘
  3. Welcome to REFB! 🙂

  4. It's odd that they didn't include this outfit in the RE2 remake.
  5. We need content moderators! 😉

  6. Hi there, @Bruce! Welcome to Resident Evil Fanboy! We are happy to have you! How did you find this website?
  7. My first Silent Hill game was Silent Hill 2. I fell in love with Heather. 🙃
  8. I sure did! What a mistake that was. 😅
  9. I have to go with the Resident Evil 2: DualShock Ver. for the PlayStation. It is a game I still enjoy playing to this day!
  10. I think it is a great remake! Capcom did a fantastic job updating Resident Evil 2 for current generation systems. For many of us, Resident Evil 2 was our first introduction to the series. I am pleased with the end product. What about you?
  11. It's a tough question. There are a ton of excellent survival horror games! However, if I had to choose I would say Silent Hill 2 (2001). Silent Hill 2 recognizes its titular environment as a psychic space as much as a physical one. Like Resident Evil 2 (1998), it was my very first Silent Hill game, so I am very fond of it. A close runner-up title for me would have to be The Evil Within (2014). Reasons to be interested in this survival horror title can be boiled down to just two words: Shinji Mikami, the designer responsible for original Resident Evil games and the survival horror genre. What about you? What is your favorite survival horror game? Don't you dare say Resident Evil 2!
  12. Giphy is an amazing service. Verified Badges are great, too. Both are great additions to the site! Thank you!
  13. shimbo


    I hope you feel better soon, @rob!
  14. I am not sure why this is not a core feature but it is a welcome addition.

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