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  1. rob

    Dino Crisis

    No, I know I can play it on PS3. But damn it was an opportunity to explore that game during its time then.
  2. rob

    Dino Crisis

    1999's Dino Crisis - whoever came up with the idea to do Resident Evil and Jurassic Park for a horror game, you're a genius. Sad I never got to play it as a kid.
  3. rob

    Resident Evil Logo (original, black background)

    Oh the days when you thought you were safe...then you see a man walking down a hall til he turns around and screams - then it goes straight to his eyeball and the words floating in say "RESIDENT EVIL" in red. That opening video before the main menu used to scare the hell outta me as a kid. NOT ANYMORE! Hahaha 🙂
  4. rob

    RE Engine Logo

    I remember that Valve logo. Just throw that on and boom VALVE!
  5. Yes definitely. I mean before Resident Evil, I believe there was a game also in the 90s called "Alone in the Dark" which I believe that Shinji Mikami was inspired by to make Resident Evil. Fun Fact: The 1997 Resident Evil Director's Cut had three different covers: Chris Redfield, The Zombie, and Chris Redfield w/zombie in the background.
  6. The game that set a new standard (and game genre) on survival horror - 1996s Resident Evil.
  7. rob

    Hey y'all. I'm Rob.

    Honored to be here.
  8. rob

    Hey y'all. I'm Rob.

    Hey y'all. I'm Rob, I've been playing RE since the 1996 game came out (which to this day still holds a place in my heart). I do love playing Resident Evil because it REALLY set the bar for Survival Horror back in the day and to this day I've got so much knowledge in my head about RE, I even make Brad Vickers look like a fool. That was a joke. Stop by and ask some questions if you have any about the weapons, enemies or the characters ? -RN

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