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  1. Welcome back to REFB, Dave! 😋

  2. Which is best? Best story, locations, soundtrack, voice acting?
  3. Big Kev, really need to play it again, that elephant was a pain in the ass
  4. Been busy at the cinema recently, ticketed off; venom a star is born bohemian rhapsody house with a clock in the walls
  5. It would appear that someone is an old man now! Happy Birthday Shimbo!
  6. Thanks for the edit nelson
  7. Wikipedia article for the Hatton Garden safe deposit burglary heist.
  8. Dave

    Today We Mourn

    20 years ago today, we mourn for all the people we lost in raccoon city
  9. The Arklay Murders TV Show would have been awesome!
  10. Dave

    Dino Crisis

    The first one was a brilliant but hard game, the 2nd though was so easy, Dillon was odd thou, and what was the 3rd all about? Dinos in space??
  11. A reboot outbreak would be interesting with the new Re engine but dead rising would lose its campiness
  12. Really good, based on the real robbery few years ago, some of the loot still hasn’t been found
  13. Fresh life for dead rising and outbreak?

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