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Hi, my name is Shimbo!


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Hello everyone, my name is Shimbo and I am 32 years old from Sacramento, CA.

I am originally from Campbell, CA but I have been living in Sacramento, CA for more than a decade now. I am of Japanese descend with a little something else. I think of myself as a pretty chill guy and I think those who know me would agree with that statement. I enjoy the outdoors and hanging out with friends. I mean, who doesn't like that, right? I also enjoy playing video games and going movies. I play anything although I prefer games like Silent Hill and, of course, Resident Evil. I like scary and action movies but I'm open to anything, really.

That is all I can think of about me right now. Ask me anything below. Thanks!

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Who am I? | My blog | Twitter | Facebook | Guidelines

Remember, kids: Spellcheckers are your friends! 😘

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      Hey y'all.
      I'm Rob, I've been playing RE since the 1996 game came out (which to this day still holds a place in my heart). I do love playing Resident Evil because it REALLY set the bar for Survival Horror back in the day and to this day I've got so much knowledge in my head about RE, I even make Brad Vickers look like a fool. That was a joke. Stop by and ask some questions if you have any about the weapons, enemies or the characters ?
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      Hello. My name is Nelson, and I am the owner of Resident Evil Fanboy and @raccooncitynews. At the time of this writing, I am 31 years old. I live in the Golden State and enjoy riding my motorcycles. My first Resident Evil game was Resident Evil: Director's Cut (1997) which came with the Resident Evil 2 (1998) interactive demo. What else can I say? Oh, I have two pet turtles. Their names are Kiki and Meelo. They're red-eared sliders. They're pretty cute. ?
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